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Grown in Plants

Forte protein owns a platform technology capable of growing proteins in plants at a scale and price point better than any other technology to date.
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We utilize a plant expression system instead of microbial bioreactors to generate animal proteins and do not need the process of fermentation or costly media ingredients.


Our proprietary system can produce animal protein yields at high levels in plant tissue within a matter of a few days.


We use a transient expression system in regular growing plants (like lettuce) that does not change the plant's DNA.

All Natural

We are JUST growing plants. Period.


For health-minded baby boomers, environmentally conscientious millennials and high-protein low-carb diet consumers.

Starting with...
  • Lactoferrin
  • Casein
  • Collagen
  • Myosin
  • Ovalbumin
We are committed to a sustainable and scaleable process that will reduce greenhouse gases and preserve wildlife biodiversity.
Kathleen Hefferon, CEO
A protein extract

Forte Protein can produce a complete spectrum of plant-based proteins that are identical to animal proteins faster, affordably, and the "real thing", including complex animal proteins that other production systems can’t make.

How does it work?


We begin by attaching the protein to our proprietary vector, then introducing both into the plant leaf.


The protein replicates very rapidly as the plant grows within a greenhouse


We use a simple chromatography process to purify and extract the proteins


We are left with a high-yield Forte Protein powder or gelatin & non-GMO plant mulch which can be repurposed

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Why we need molecular farming

 Our technology makes it efficient and sustainable for food ingredients

Animal Welfare

Animal proteins are essential to the human diet but come with many problems, including greenhouse gas emissions, high animal waste, poor animal welfare, zoonotic disease potential, allergies, and high cholesterol.

The way we make food, raising animals to eat, clearing land to grow food to feed those animals… It just doesn’t make sense.
Greta Thunberg

Human Diet

Consumers of animal products are increasingly aware of the health benefits of reducing, if not eliminating, meat, dairy and seafood from their diet:  less saturated fat, lower cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). All of these are associated with longevity and a reduced risk for many chronic diseases.

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Animal food production contributes 30% of greenhouse gases. Widespread adoption of alternative proteins can play a critical role in tackling climate change.

We call it the untapped climate opportunity – you’re getting more impact from your investment in alternative proteins than in any other sector of the economy.
Malte Clausen,
Boston Consulting Group
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We are passionate about promoting inclusivity, diversity and culture using liberating structures across company practices.
Kathleen Hefferon, CEO

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